Operational Guides

  1. MWR Revolution User Guide This PDF describes how we use the new Revolution remotes on our layout.
  2. MWR Crossover Operations Guide This PDF describes how we use our crossover modules to move trains from our outsidetrack to the inside tracks and into the siding.
  3. MWR Revolution Set-up and Linking Guide This PDF describes how to "link," get the hand controller to communicate with the trackside power controller unit.


Here are the module design specs in PDF format.
  1. Basic Module The basic module is 47 1/4 by 30 inches.
  2. Corner Module 6 ft radius, two sections to each corner
  3. Transition Modules Transition modules shift the double track for when we
  4. Small Radius Curves The small radius curve is 1/4 of a circle.
  5. Large Radius Curves The large radius curve is 30 degrees, or 1/12 of a circle.
  6. wish to use inside curves, set a bridge into the layout, or just for senic variation.

PDF Viewing Programs

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